Previous Strategic Plans

The primary purpose of the Strategic Plan is to clearly document agency direction and expectations we have set for ourselves through our strategic planning timeframe. Through the planning process, we have reevaluated our agency’s goals to ensure that we are achieving the standards expected by the people of North Dakota. In addition, we have laid out objectives for many of our key projects and programs to help us more effectively meet our goals. More specifically, we have defined tasks and actions that our agency needs to take in order to achieve desired outcomes. These documents have been put into PDF format, and are available for downloading here.

Note : If you have problems accessing these documents when clicking on the link, you can try to download the linked PDF file directly by right-clicking on the link and selecting the option download or save the linked file.

pdf icon2021.pdf (8.63M) pdf icon2019.pdf (28.55M) pdf icon2017.pdf (11.14M) pdf icon2015.pdf (14.13M) pdf icon2013.pdf (7.92M) pdf icon2009.pdf (10.11M) pdf icon2004.pdf (6.14M)