PRESENS Realtime Data Acquisition

PRESENS delivers real-time environmental data from sensors located in remote locations to publicly accessible databases at the Department of Water Resources. The name PRESENS is an acronym for Pushing REmote SENSors but also is meant to convey a sense that the agency has a “presence” all across the state and is constantly collecting valuable water resource data needed for sound scientific decision-making on water development, planning, and appropriation.

The PRESENS system is a primary pillar in achieving the goals and strategic initiatives as set forth in the Department of Water Resources Strategic Plan; Goals and Initiatives; Goal #2; Utilize technology and education to increase our understanding for the improved management of the state’s water resources to "Continue research and deployment of advanced technologies such as Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) surveys, Pushing REmote SENSors (PRESENS), and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for data collection efforts."

PRESENS Fact Sheet

PRESENS Location Map

LiDAR Data Delivery Map Service

The Department of Water Resources, as a member of North Dakota's GIS Technical Committee, has recently developed new map services that are geared towards the dissemination of large datasets, particularly LiDAR elevation data collects. This will make distribution to the general public quite easy and available 24/7. Data can be downloaded by selections of tiles using individual, box graphic, polygon graphic, or by GIS polygon features. We intend to incorporate all large scale datasets as they arrive and currently have LiDAR collects for the Red River Valley (includes Sheyenne River, Devils Lake, and Pembina River) (2009), Maple River (2003), Sheyenne River (2002), Bismarck/Mandan (2009), Minot (2010), Missouri River (Garrison Reach) (2012), Ward County (2012), and Watford City (Cherry Creek) (2011). More are in the works.

LiDAR MapService

For further information, e-mail the GIS Coordinator or call (701) 328-4998.

Map and Data Resources

This section provides access to water resource information and database resources currently managed by the Department of Water Resources.

Construction Permits - Provides access to construction permits in North Dakota that pertain to various types of retention structures.

Drains - Provides access to drainage permits in North Dakota.

Government Surveys - The Department of Water Resources is responsible for the preservation and dissemination of official government survey plats (GLOs) and notes for the State of North Dakota. Many of these documents are as old, or older, than the state itself, dating back to the late 1800s through the early 1900s.

Water Resource Sites - Provides access to water resource data that is available in North Dakota. This is includes ground, surface, soil, precipitation and PRESENS sites. Data recorded may include site information, lithologic data, water level data, tipping bucket precipitation, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil conductivity, and water chemistry.

MapServices - The Department of Water Resources MapServices are a variety of internet map servers with various themes. Currently there is one general map service which uses the Department of Water Resources' vast data resources such as water data locations, drillers’ logs, aquifers, and precipitation information to integrate with our spatial data holdings including aerial photography, geo-political boundaries, transportation, and hydrographic features.

ARBCON Precipitation - Provides access to rainfall, snowfall and hail reports by the Atmospheric Resource Board’s Cooperative Observer Network. The network consists of approximately 450 volunteer observers statewide. Rain and hail reports date back to 1977, while snowfall observations began in 2010.

Private Contractor Logs - Provides access to the Board of Water Well Contractors drillers’ reports. Well drillers’ reports are required to be filed with the State Board of Water Well Contractors within 30 days after completion or abandonment of a well.

Published Maps - Provides access to a wide variety of maps that have been produced by the Department of Water Resources for both detailed studies and general use which might be of interest to the public.

Radar - Bowman - A link to the Bowman Radar.

Radar - Stanley - A link to the Stanley Radar (only operated during summer months).

Radar - Williston - A link to the Williston Radar.

Retention Structures - Provides access to available information on dams, dikes, diversion structures, ponds, lagoons, and dugouts in North Dakota.

Converter Tools - The Department of Water Resources has developed a variety of tools internally (Legal to Spatial, Coordinates to Legal Description, and Coordinate Transformation Tool).

Temporary Water Permits - Provides access to available information for temporary water permits that have been issued in North Dakota.

Water Permits - Provides access to available information for water permits that have been issued in North Dakota.