North Dakota Water Education

North Dakota Water Education Program encompasses Project WET curriculum materials and educational resources in conjunction with other water education resources as a means of enhancing public awareness, promoting action learning, and promoting knowledge through exploration and stewardship of North Dakota water resources. North Dakota Water Education Program teaches water science, conservation and best management practices by demonstrating how water interacts with humans and the natural environment within North Dakota’s watersheds. Many of the programs are presented using indoor and outdoor educational experiences and the dissemination of classroom ready teaching aids.

North Dakota’s K-12 students receive water education through classroom programs, water festivals hosted across the state, or by participating in other educational programs such as environmental awareness events, camps, and community programs. The Explore Your Watershed program provides adult educational programs through credited institutes, workshops, seminars, inservice sessions for teachers, facilitator trainings, and university preservice programs.

North Dakota Water Education programs, resources, and materials address a wide range of issues and topics in many water related disciplines while considering the various learning styles of adults and youth. These programs are designed to enhance and compliment North Dakota’s educational standards. All programs are self contained, easy to use, non biased, and age appropriate to develop real problem solving skills and understanding of today’s water issues. North Dakota’s Water Education Program provokes the commitment needed to make informed decisions about water resource management.

The North Dakota Water Education Program is funded in part through an Environmental Protection Agency 319 Program grant.