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Basic Asset Inventories & Capital Improvement Planning

Policy passed by the Water Commission in December 2022 requires project sponsors who are requesting cost-share assistance for construction-related costs associated with water supply projects to complete, and submit with their application, a Basic Asset Inventory and Analysis (BAIA) and Capital Improvement Plan.

In support of the 2022 policy requirements, DWR staff developed BAIA guidelines in cooperation with a working group of stakeholders. This reference (APPENDIX C of the Water Commision’s Project Funding Policy, Procedure, and General Requirements) was approved October 12, 2023, and provides guidance and a process to project sponsors who are pursuing water supply construction projects that are subject to the completion of BAIA per policy requirements.

Please note – Beginning July 1, 2024, any project sponsors seeking SWC cost-share assistance for water supply projects must complete and submit a BAIA before their cost-share application can be considered. Sponsors, or their representative, will be prompted within the WebGrants online application portal where the BAIA can be attached for submission.

In addition to the guidance document, DWR and the stakeholder working group developed an electronic fillable platform that project sponsors and the agency can use to assist with more efficient assessments of projects. Sponsors are responsible for downloading the most current version of the worksheet for submission of results with their application.

Updated 2/2024 - Basic Asset Inventory Tool

BAIA Model/Worksheet Instruction

Please note – Appendix C in the Project Funding Policy, Procedure, and General Requirements includes a guidance section that provides a detailed, step-by-step overview of model/worksheet usage for water supply projects.

Workshop Training Video


Questions about the North Dakota BAIA Guidance and model/worksheet can be directed to the Planning & Education Division at (701) 328-4968.