Southwest Pipeline Project

NDCC, Section 61-24.3 declares necessary that the Southwest Pipeline Project established and constructed, to provide for the supplementation of the water resources of a portion of the area of North Dakota south and west of the Missouri River with water supplies from the Missouri River for multiple purposes, including domestic, rural, and municipal uses. The DWR has been working to develop the Southwest Pipeline ever since – with construction beginning in 1986. (NDCC 61-24.5 authorizes the DWR and Southwest Water Authority (SWA) to construct, operate, and maintain the project.)

Southwest Pipeline serves a population of more than 56,000 people in southwest North Dakota in 33 communities, with over 7,300 rural service locations, 24 raw water customers, and 24 contract customers. SWA also provides potable water to two rural water systems: Missouri West Water System in Morton County and Perkins County Rural Water System in South Dakota.

The Southwest Pipeline Project is operated and maintained by the Southwest Water Authority.

Southwest Pipeline Project Fact Sheet

Southwest Pipeline Project Area Map

Southwest Pipeline Project Area Map


For more information on Southwest Pipeline Project, please contact Justin Froseth, P.E., SWPP Engineer at (701) 328-4948 or e-mail.