The Atmospheric Reservoir

The Atmospheric Resource Board contributes a one-page article to a magazine titled North Dakota Water, published by the North Dakota Water Education Foundation. The ARB's page is called The Atmospheric Reservoir and is designed to examine the atmosphere and atmospheric resource management. The magazine is published monthly, excluding February and August. Past articles are found here in downloadable PDF format.

pdf icon2024_03 - April 8th Total Solar Eclipse.pdf (0.97M) pdf icon2023_12 - Daylight Savings Explained.pdf (360.69K) pdf icon2023_11 - Making Waves In The Magnetosphere.pdf (719.25K) pdf icon2023_10 - Goodbye La Nina, Hello El Nino.pdf (5.08M) pdf icon2023_07 - Interns Become Leaders.pdf (736.55K) pdf icon2023_06 - 2022-23 Snowfall Season - Temperatures, Precipitation and Flooding.pdf (351.28K) pdf icon2023_04 - Up, Up, and Away!.pdf (327.31K) pdf icon2023_03 - Take Me To The "Atmospheric River".pdf (623.63K) pdf icon2023_01 - A New Water Year?.pdf (446.07K) pdf icon2022_12 - Weather Conditions You Can Bet On.pdf (525.97K) pdf icon2022_11 - Hurricane Forecasts - The Sooner, The Better.pdf (624.69K) pdf icon2022_10 - Winter 2022-2023 Outlook.pdf (768.48K) pdf icon2022_07 - The Dog Days of Summer.pdf (779.61K) pdf icon2022_06 - An Astounding April.pdf (1.02M) pdf icon2022_05 - Thunderstruck.pdf (547.39K) pdf icon2022_04 - Why Winter Winds?.pdf (789.60K) pdf icon2022_03 - Recording The Flipsides of North Dakota's Weather.pdf (474.94K) pdf icon2022_01 - A Flare For Solar Activity.pdf (15.25M) pdf icon2021_12 - October Relief & A Look Ahead.pdf (372.79K) pdf icon2021_10 - Weather Disasters - At What Cost?.pdf (745.41K) pdf icon2021_09 - Smoke & Precipitation.pdf (843.67K) pdf icon2021_07 - The New Normals.pdf (817.49K) pdf icon2021_06 - Plowing Through Drought.pdf (426.63K) pdf icon2021_05 - UFO? No, UFS!.pdf (892.04K) pdf icon2021_04 - Are You Aware Of Severe Weather.pdf (791.34K) pdf icon2021_03 - Degree-Days.pdf (338.41K) pdf icon2021_01 - Wintering A Drought.pdf (721.82K) pdf icon2020_12 - Snow Observers Wanted.pdf (284.16K) pdf icon2020_11 - A Little Bit About Orbits.pdf (1.20M) pdf icon2020_10 - Saving A Growing Season.pdf (934.42K) pdf icon2020_09 - Derecho.pdf (971.17K) pdf icon2020_07 - Wet Fall, Dry Spring.pdf (2.57M) pdf icon2020_06 - Whats On Your Radar.pdf (1.43M) pdf icon2020_05 - New Weather Radar Serving Northwest North Dakota.pdf (624.48K) pdf icon2020_04 - Severe Weather Awareness.pdf (773.80K) pdf icon2020_03 - ? A Flood of Concern.pdf (955.22K) pdf icon2020_01 - Seeding Clouds In The Arctic.pdf (300.67K) pdf icon2019_12 - An Oscillating Winter?.pdf (268.88K) pdf icon2019_11 - A Soggy September.pdf (4.37M) pdf icon2019_10 - What Does Climate Change Mean For North Dakota?.pdf (1.01M) pdf icon2019_09 - Seeing Colors in North Dakota's Skies.pdf (479.48K) pdf icon2019_07 - Heating Things Up.pdf (320.71K) pdf icon2019_06 - SKYWARN.pdf (627.41K) pdf icon2019_05 - The Jet Stream.pdf (337.76K) pdf icon2019_04 - A Frigid February.pdf (1.19M) pdf icon2019_03 - Which Way Is North.pdf (333.27K) pdf icon2019_01 - Gaining New "Insight" About Mars.pdf (387.61K) pdf icon2018_12 - Revisiting The 2018 Growing Season.pdf (2.88M) pdf icon2018_11 - Cosmic Rays.pdf (568.66K) pdf icon2018_10 - El Nino - A Welcome Winter Reprieve?.pdf (662.76K) pdf icon2018_09 - Staking A Research Claim.pdf (380.85K) pdf icon2018_07 - Learning About Lightning.pdf (620.20K) pdf icon2018_06 - Improved Long Term Forecasts.pdf (1.57M) pdf icon2018_05 - April Snow Showers Bring May Flowers?.pdf (1.20M) pdf icon2018_04 - April's Energetic Air.pdf (346.49K) pdf icon2018_03 - Contrails.pdf (735.62K) pdf icon2018_01 - Where The Wind Blows.pdf (594.74K) pdf icon2017_12 - Winter Clouds.pdf (1.20M) pdf icon2017_11 - Enlightening Lightning.pdf (758.33K) pdf icon2017_10 - Observing Differences In Precipitation.pdf (478.49K) pdf icon2017_09 - The Latest on GOES-16.pdf (630.01K) pdf icon2017_07 - A Total Solar Eclipse.pdf (1.72M) pdf icon2017_06 - Modeling North Dakota's Thunderstorms.pdf (723.06K) pdf icon2017_04 - Summer Severe Weather Awareness Week.pdf (547.79K) pdf icon2017_03 - Chilling Facts About The Wind.pdf (387.62K) pdf icon2017_01 - The Children's Blizzard of 1888.pdf (650.52K) pdf icon2016_12 - Ice Vs Water -- Density Matters.pdf (219.83K) pdf icon2016_11 - At Odds With North Dakota's Winter Outlook.pdf (976.40K) pdf icon2016_10 - The Next Generation of Weather Satellites -- GOES-R.pdf (345.61K) pdf icon2016_09 - The Atmosphere Inside a Bag of Potato Chips.pdf (318.12K) pdf icon2016_07 - An Atmospheric Fireball.pdf (175.81K) pdf icon2016_06 - Forensic Meteorology.pdf (367.69K) pdf icon2016_05 - Pluto Our Distant Dwarf Planet.pdf (277.49K) pdf icon2016_04 - Above Normal Lows.pdf (661.95K) pdf icon2016_03 - El Nino Update.pdf (553.21K) pdf icon2016_01 - Bowman Radar Relocation.pdf (1.30M) pdf icon2015_12 - Timing Is Almost Everything.pdf (1.41M) pdf icon2015_11 - Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Snow.pdf (2.36M) pdf icon2015_10 - The Return of El Nino.pdf (683.93K) pdf icon2015_09 - Smoke Transport.pdf (487.61K) pdf icon2015_07 - Gauging Your Interest.pdf (858.01K) pdf icon2015_06 - Fire Weather.pdf (943.69K) pdf icon2015_05 - Fahrenheit vs Celsius.pdf (370.38K) pdf icon2015_04 - Warming Up To Advection.pdf (579.64K) pdf icon2015_03 - Temperature Inversions Explained.pdf (605.04K) pdf icon2015_01 - Weather Beacons.pdf (599.67K) pdf icon2014_12 - Saving Daylight.pdf (379.51K) pdf icon2014_11 - Winter Weather Review.pdf (664.48K) pdf icon2014_10 - 2014 NDCMP Extending Circumstances.pdf (765.70K) pdf icon2014_09 - Atmospheric Acoustics.pdf (747.58K) pdf icon2014_07 - How To Make A Thunderstorm.pdf (712.93K) pdf icon2014_06 - Verified Weather Warnings.pdf (545.63K) pdf icon2014_05 - Precipitation By Percentages.pdf (642.46K) pdf icon2014_04 - North Dakotas Water Cycle.pdf (694.86K) pdf icon2014_03 - Our Snowy Beginnings.pdf (421.23K) pdf icon2014_01 - The Physiological Effects of Weather.pdf (879.24K) pdf icon2013_12 - Mixed Precipitation.pdf (1.08M) pdf icon2013_11 - 2013 Another Year For The Records.pdf (739.99K) pdf icon2013_10 - Red Sprites.pdf (180.57K) pdf icon2013_09 - It's Harvest Season.pdf (1.71M) pdf icon2013_07 - Mother Nature's Helping Hand In The 2013 Flood Season.pdf (1.17M) pdf icon2013_06 - Fishing For The Perfect Weather.pdf (0.99M) pdf icon2013_05 - Not Just Hot Air.pdf (769.22K) pdf icon2013_04 - Measuring Snow.pdf (333.68K) pdf icon2013_03 - Unusually Warm And Dry 2012.pdf (628.57K) pdf icon2013_01 - Water Is Out Of This World.pdf (0.98M) pdf icon2012_12 - A Jump Through Our Atmosphere.pdf (564.54K) pdf icon2012_11 - New Radar Tools.pdf (472.54K) pdf icon2012_07 - Watering From The Skies.pdf (705.59K) pdf icon2012_06 - POLCAST Research Project Set For Another Season.pdf (705.48K) pdf icon2012_05 - The Growing Season.pdf (935.18K) pdf icon2012_03 - An Extremely Mild Winter.pdf (352.67K) pdf icon2012_01 - Northern Plains Temperature Variability.pdf (622.63K) pdf icon2011_11 - Radar Artifacts.pdf (1.34M) pdf icon2011_10 - Checking In On Solar Cycle 24.pdf (684.34K) pdf icon2011_09 - The Heat Index.pdf (404.81K) pdf icon2011_07 - Weather Acronyms.pdf (273.26K) pdf icon2011_06 - Degree Days Defined.pdf (269.58K) pdf icon2011_05 - Let's Get Ready To Rumble.pdf (617.83K) pdf icon2011_04 - Snow Business.pdf (1.02M) pdf icon2011_03 - ARBCON Has New Precip Mapping Tool.pdf (601.31K) pdf icon2011_01 - Bowman Radar To Operate Year-Round.pdf (728.74K) pdf icon2010_11 - Who is Jack Frost.pdf (1.38M) pdf icon2010_10 - Looking Back At 2010 Severe Weather Season.pdf (1.18M) pdf icon2010_09 - Snow Reporting Comes To ARBCON.pdf (573.92K) pdf icon2010_07 - POLCAST Brings New Technologies.pdf (819.72K) pdf icon2010_06 - 2010 NDCMP Operational Enhancements.pdf (701.74K) pdf icon2010_05 - Exporting North Dakotas Winds.pdf (886.05K) pdf icon2010_04 - CCN Small Wonders.pdf (371.73K) pdf icon2010_03 - Flood Forecasting Resources.pdf (644.84K) pdf icon2010_01 - A November To Remember.pdf (740.76K) pdf icon2009_12 - A Solar Calendar.pdf (411.02K) pdf icon2009_11 - Weather Satellites Our Eyes In The Sky.pdf (0.97M) pdf icon2009_10 - 09-10 Winter Outlook Balmy Or Frosty?.pdf (642.26K) pdf icon2009_09 - How Do Weather Radars Work.pdf (386.30K) pdf icon2009_07 - Improved Radars Offer New Opportunities.pdf (1.37M) pdf icon2009_06 - Cloud Seeding Has Big Economic Impact.pdf (867.01K) pdf icon2009_05 - The NWS Changes Severe Hail Size.pdf (437.71K) pdf icon2009_03 - A True North Dakota Winter.pdf (1.22M) pdf icon2009_01 - A Standard Atmosphere.pdf (564.06K) pdf icon2008_12 - Precipitation Data Improved With New Tools.pdf (369.07K) pdf icon2008_11 - CoCoRaHS Comes to North Dakota.pdf (656.83K) pdf icon2008_10 - Wyoming Weather Mod Pilot Project.pdf (1.55M) pdf icon2008_09 - A Balanced North Dakota Harvest.pdf (407.57K) pdf icon2008_07 - Hooked on Cloud Seeding.pdf (2.80M) pdf icon2008_06 - Research To Shed More Light On Rainfall.pdf (837.66K) pdf icon2008_05 - Deja Drought.pdf (753.26K) pdf icon2008_04 - Our Sun Has Spots.pdf (550.29K) pdf icon2008_03 - North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network.pdf (584.76K) pdf icon2008_01 - Record Snows.pdf (709.70K) pdf icon2007_12 - Websites Offer Better Climate and Drought Tools.pdf (779.45K) pdf icon2007_11 - Looking Back At The 2007 Growing Season.pdf (424.57K) pdf icon2007_10 - Legislation Would Establish Federal Weather Modification Research Program.pdf (394.66K) pdf icon2007_09 - North Dakotas Harvest Time Freeze.pdf (204.57K) pdf icon2007_07 - What Drought.pdf (644.30K) pdf icon2007_06 - Fujita Enhanced.pdf (217.92K) pdf icon2007_05 - Spring And Summer Weather Outlook.pdf (815.17K) pdf icon2007_04 - Colorado Basin States Expand Seeding Programs.pdf (289.21K) pdf icon2007_03 - Panel Releases Report On Climate Change.pdf (483.14K) pdf icon2007_01 - NDs 511 System Weathering Your Drive.pdf (281.00K) pdf icon2006_12 - ARBCON Celebrates 30 Years.pdf (454.39K) pdf icon2006_11 - Winter 06-07 Frigid Or Mild For North Dakota?.pdf (519.55K) pdf icon2006_10 - Internships Allow Students To Get Their Feet Wet.pdf (205.15K) pdf icon2006_09 - Cloud Seeding Research May Improve Rain Enhancement And Hail Suppression.pdf (558.31K) pdf icon2006_07 - Catching Wind Of An Idea.pdf (415.11K) pdf icon2006_06 - The Sun And The Mood.pdf (446.20K) pdf icon2006_03 - ARBCON Introduces Internet Reporting.pdf (384.48K) pdf icon2006_01 - Senate Committee passes Weather Modification Research Bill.pdf (205.26K) pdf icon2005_12 - Global Warming & Hurricanes - Cause and Effect.pdf (320.35K) pdf icon2005_11 - Weather Modification - A Global Interest.pdf (0.97M) pdf icon2005_10 - When Do Seasons Officially Change?.pdf (236.66K) pdf icon2005_07 - The Science Behind Drought Monitoring.pdf (0.98M) pdf icon2005_06 - Experienced Team Returns to 2005 NDCMP.pdf (1.26M) pdf icon2005_05 - Get Ready For Summer Weather.pdf (696.47K) pdf icon2005_04 - Water Management & Weather Modification Go Hand-In-Hand.pdf (213.30K) pdf icon2005_03 - Is Pollution Affecting Precipitation?.pdf (206.99K) pdf icon2005_01 - Have You Seen The GREEN Flash?.pdf (249.24K) pdf icon2004_12 - 2004 Growing Season - A Look Back.pdf (489.43K) pdf icon2004_11 - Winter Outlook - Warm And Dry.pdf (1.45M) pdf icon2004_10 - Cloud Seeding 401 - Economic Impacts.pdf (264.84K) pdf icon2004_09 - Cloud Seeding 301 - How it all works.pdf (232.43K) pdf icon2004_07 - Cloud Seeding 201 - Operations Targeting.pdf (210.99K) pdf icon2004_06 - Cloud Seeding 101 - Thunderstorm Development.pdf (246.66K) pdf icon2004_03 - Global Warming Fact Or Fiction?.pdf (203.36K) pdf icon2004_01 - Prepare For Safe Winter Travel.pdf (223.60K) pdf icon2003_12 - National Research Council Releases Report On Weather Modification.pdf (230.34K) pdf icon2003_11 - September Rains Ease Drought.pdf (236.57K) pdf icon2003_05 - Dakota Volunteers - Valuable Assets.pdf (172.40K) pdf icon2001_11 - Old Man Winter Approaches.pdf (99.00K) pdf icon1999_06 - Update - Summertime Weather Modification.pdf (79.43K) pdf icon1998_12 - To Seed or Not To Seed.pdf (80.65K) pdf icon1998_04 - Atmospheric Stability.pdf (81.55K) pdf icon1998_01 - A Radar Case Study.pdf (203.02K) pdf icon1997_11 - Our Changing Seasons.pdf (81.97K) pdf icon1997_10 - The El Nino Southern Oscillation.pdf (161.06K) pdf icon1997_09 - Thunderstorm Life Cycles.pdf (83.28K) pdf icon1997_05 - ARB Web Site gets Face Lift.pdf (79.55K) pdf icon1997_03 - Cloud Seeding Evaluation Completed.pdf (81.61K) pdf icon1997_01 - Winter Season Travel.pdf (108.28K)