NDDWR SOAP Service Specifications

The North Dakota Department of Water Resources has developed the following SOAP service for purposes of reporting daily meter readings to comply with remote meter reporting requirements for specified water permits with telemetry projects.

This service is currently a draft specification and may be modified or refined prior to official implementation.

The SOAP service includes the utility to file the meter readings for each depot station. In order to post meter readings, the user will be required to obtain a correct username and password, and the relevant station ID information from the DWR.

The Web Service specifications can be accessed at http://dbase1.swc.nd.gov:8082/4dwsdl


Input Parameters

Parameter Data Type Description
StationID Integer Index number assigned to the station.
Username Text *
Password Text *
ReadingDate Date *
ReadingTime Time *
MeterReading Text *

* Contact the ND Department of Water Resources for user credentials.

Output Parameters

Parameter Data Type Description
Posted Boolean Returns True if meter reading was properly posted.
DatePosted Date Date Reading was posted
TimePosted Time Time Reading was posted
ReadingID Integer Record Index assigned to meter reading

SOAP Fault

The service will return a SOAP Fault in the event of one of the following conditions:

Station ID Does Not Exist SOAP FAULT : Error - Station ID could not be found!
Remote Access Not Defined SOAP FAULT : Error - Depot Credentials have not been defined!
Incorrect Credentials SOAP FAULT : Error - Incorrect Username and Password!
Duplicate Meter Reading SOAP FAULT : Error - Duplicate Meter Reading Sent!