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NDCMP Seeding Tracking:
Airplane tracks show when airplanes are seeding in addition to where they are flying. GPS tracks show individual colors when airplanes are flying and not seeding and turn gold when seeding. The only exception is when displaying “ejectable flares”, which are be denoted by an asterisk. GPS flight tracking of airplanes on the North Dakota Cloud Modification Project (NDCMP) has been provided on project radar images since 2004.
Some caution should be used when interpreting the seeding tracks. Seeding generators mounted on the aircraft wings utilize a switch that detects heat generated by combustion of the liquid seeding solution. This may cause a short delay in displaying the startup and shutdown of the seeding equipment, resulting in small placement errors of the seeding track.
NDARB is pleased to provide this new information to the public and hopes it will help clarify the operations aircraft are conducting.