Permit Number --- 6858
Permit Information
Permit Holder: MERIDIAN ENERGY GROUP, INC. Priority Date: 2016-05-19
Use Type: Industrial

Status Code: Under Review
Requested Acre-Feet: 645.2 Approved Acre-Feet: 0
Requested Acres: 0 Approved Acres: 0
Requested Rate: 400 Approved Rate: 0
Requested Storage: 0 Approved Storage: 0

The Approved Acre-Feet, Acres, Rate, and Storage listed for the Permit may differ from the combined totals presented with the Points of Diversion. The totals that are presented with the Point of Diversion represent the maximum that can be withdrawn at that point. However, the withdrawals from all of the Points of Diversion are still not to exceed the totals allocated for the Permit.

Point of Diversion Information
Beneficial Use Date
County Billings
Basin Upper Heart
Aquifer Dakota Group
Status Deferred
Source Ground Water
Req. Acre Feet 645.2
Req. Acres 0
Req. Pumping Rate 400
Req. Storage 0
App. Acre Feet 0
App. Acres 0
App. Pumping Rate 0
App. Storage 0