2019 Water Development Plan

State Water Plan


  • Outline target water development goals and priorities;
  • Outline the planning process;
  • Provide a progress report on the state’s priority water management and development efforts from the 2017- 2019 biennium;
  • Provide information regarding North Dakota’s current and future water development project funding needs and priorities;
  • Provide information regarding North Dakota’s revenue sources for water development;
  • Serve as a formal request for funding from the Resources Trust Fund;
  • Outline the state’s priority water development efforts for the 2019-2021 biennium; and
  • Provide information regarding the State Water Commission’s Cost-Share Policy, and Water Project Prioritization Guidance.

Large-Scale Priority Project Updates

2019-2021 Water Development Project Inventories

Long-Term Water Development Funding Need Forecasts

Aging Water Supply Infrastructure Survey Results

Watford City Water Tower

Background: North Dakota, along with most other states, has existing water supply infrastructure that has been aging for decades. This is becoming a greater financial challenge at the local and state level as that infrastructure reaches, or in many cases has already exceeded, its useful life. With those issues in mind, it is worthwhile to recognize and plan for future commitments that may be needed to support critical water infrastructure in future biennia – for decades to come.

Methods & Results: In spring 2018, surveys were initiated through a cooperative effort involving the North Dakota League of Cities, the North Dakota Rural Water Systems Association, and the State Water Commission. The purpose of the surveys was intended to gain a better understanding of North Dakota’s existing and future rural and municipal water supply infrastructure needs. More specifically, respondents were asked to provide water supply replacement, rehabilitation, and new infrastructure information related to their: storage, distribution/supply lines, wells and intakes, and water treatment plants – covering the next 50 years. The following provides the results of the surveys and analyses.

Aging Municipal Water Supply Infrastructure Summaries
Aging Rural Water Supply Infrastructure

Previous Water Plans and Water Development Reports

Previous Water Plans and Water Development Reports

Printed copies of the 2019 Water Development Plan are available by request at (701) 328-4989, or e-mail.